Attention Is All You Need


You’ll soon start doing some brainstorming to figure out your main promise and unique delivery. This combination must have a balance of seven qualities to command attention.

If you’re lacking in any of these areas, your prospects will soon lose interest.

The following are seven features in no particular order:

  • Singular 
  • Specific 
  • Stylish 
  • Strategic 
  • Stimulating 
  • Simple 
  • Shocking 

Let’s take a look at each of them on their own… Let’s take a look at each of them separately.

Attention IS All You Need

#1. Attention Is All You Need- Singular  

The goal is to come up with and share only one large promise, or one unique delivery system. This is accomplished with a single tale. Your objective is to elicit just one feeling and bring your prospects to a single conclusion through your story.

You see, there’s a widespread marketing issue that I’m going to show you…

On some level, marketers understand that their concept is bad. Their “major promise” is meaningless; the emotion they’re attempting to elicit isn’t strong.

So, what do they do? 

They try to add more items. They strive for a lot of different “big promises,” multiple storylines, and several conclusions.

I’m not going to go through what happens. The promise gets diluted. The entire marketing message becomes unclear. And prospects avoid the marketing message like sumo wrestlers despise rice cakes.

So there you have it: adding on extra stuff to improve your attention-getting marketing message does not make it stronger. Instead, it makes it weaker.

Let me illustrate the point with an example…

You forgot your phone at home, and now you’re in a strange part of town with no cash. Let’s suppose you go up to Joe Blow on the street and ask him how to get to the nearest ATM. You want a set of straightforward “Point A to Point B” directions, correct?

Joe Blow then goes on to explain how to get to the nearest ATM. The instructions appear straightforward enough. You’re about ready to go your separate way. Joe, on the other hand, informs you that there’s another tiny but still accessible ATM that is just a little bit further away and won’t be disrupted by road work.

“Okay,” you say. “Tell me how to get there.”

He tells you. 

However, he then encourages you to use a different ATM, because it has a higher transaction fee than the first one he informed you about.

So you’re thinking about going to the first one.

Then he informs you that the first is located in a questionable gas station, so you should avoid it as well.

After about six ATM descriptions and a set of directions, you’re ready to give up. You’re perplexed, to say the least. You can’t even recall the route to any of the alternatives. And because there are so many possibilities, choosing one may be difficult.

So, here’s where I’m taking it…

You’ll just confuse your prospects if you throw a lot of alternatives, benefits, stories, conclusions, and emotions at them. They’ll be confused. Stuck between two options. Unable to choose which option is better for them.

Don’t turn your marketing message into a be cluster, according to the Law of Clutter. Instead, deliver and communicate only ONE clear concept.

So, let’s move on to the next topic…

#2. Attention Is All You NeedSpecificity 

You’re sure to have a good idea of what type of advantage or promise you’d like to convey. If you want to make this guarantee as strong and appealing as possible, it must be SPECIFIC.

Let’s assume you’re selling weight-loss products and claim to prospects that they may “lose weight.”

What do you think your prospects will think?

This: “BIG DEAL!” 

It is technically considered to be “losing weight” if you shed one ounce. But I can promise that your prospects are searching for a lot more than one pound of weight to lose.

That is why you need to be clear about your promise.

E.G., “Lose 55 pounds or your money back!” 

NOTE: As an example, I’m just offering this as a possibility. You should always double-check your local laws before making any specific claims. (This is especially true of income claims, but it applies to other things as well.)

The second reason to be precise is that a certain number is more credible. The greater the degree of specificity, the more credible it is.

Following are examples of what I’m talking about: Don’t round up. Round down isn’t one of them. Be precise, when appropriate.

Let’s assume you have an ad venue (such as a newsletter) that exposes advertisers to 5014 prospects.

The result is that you have 5,000 prospects. In any other case, rounding down to 5000 makes sense. After all, psychologically, consumers consider 5,000 prospects and 5,014 prospects to be comparable. The extra “14” isn’t significant when compared to someone thinking about whether or not to run an ad in a certain venue.

But that’s not where the impact of this statement is felt.

Here’s the problem: saying “5000” is a bit too tidy. Your prospect understands that you don’t have precisely (and I mean exactly) 5000 subscribers to that newsletter when rationally you know it. So, when you say there are exactly 5 000, there will be that pesky thought in the prospective advertiser’s head that you’re fudging other numbers, too.

That is why you provide a precise, exact quantity: 5014. Because when you do so, there’s a part of your prospect that says, “Wow, this person is precise… trustworthy… honest.” This establishes trust between you and your customer, which results in a higher conversion rate, a bigger list, and more sales later on.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let us return to the seven features your marking message must have to attract attention.

Here’s number three… 

#3. Attention Is All You NeedStylish 

To capture the attention of your audience, your marketing message must be appealing. And I mean by that term that it has to be contemporary.

Let me demonstrate to you a simple example…

Imagine a complete stranger walking into the room. He has a mullet (business in the front, party in the back) and is wearing a Member’s Only jacket with parachute pants. You suddenly realize he’s come to offer you some fashion advice when you see his 80s hairdo go with his member’s only jacket and parachute pants.

A typical reaction? “Uhhhh… NO!” 

Your prospects are the same way. They won’t pay attention to you if your message doesn’t appear timely and new. Simply said, yesterday’s news isn’t worth paying attention to. If you want people to pay attention to you, the “right now” vibe is a must… and even better if your marketing message promises something like, “This is the future”.

Makes sense, right?  

Anything that is “cutting edge” has a higher value to us. We are not fans of outdated, out-of-date news or goods.

We delete it from our brains when we see things that appear to be ancient and obsolete.

In reality, our brains “glow” when we encounter something new.

That’s correct: our brains give us a rush of feel-good chemicals.

Consumers are always seeking new things, which means they’re constantly on the lookout for anything new. When someone sees your marketing message and says, “Whoa, I’ve never seen this before,” you’ve got biology in your corner to reel them in.

Again, don’t stress if your solution isn’t original. All you have to do is provide it distinctively. That’s enough to turn on your prospect’s brain and get them signing up for your list so they can get their next “fix” of euphoric brain chemicals.

Here’s the next component of a powerful, attention-getting marketing message… 

#4. Attention Is All You NeedStrategic 

A common technique of persuasion is to lead the receiver to a single conclusion. And one excellent approach to do so is by demonstrating that your unique delivery solution is the greatest method for them to receive the promised advantage or achieve a goal.

You don’t want your prospects to be distracted by anything else.

You also don’t want them to consider how your rivals’ solutions might meet their needs. As a result, your distinct delivery will assist seal the bargain and lead them to the logical conclusion that they should do business with you.

Let’s return to the P90X example you read about a few pages ago…

Consider a scenario in which someone is seeking to reduce weight. And suppose they come across P90X before developing their “muscle confusion” mechanism. Here’s a firm claiming that prospects will alter their bodies in 90 days by using more activity and fewer calories.

Guess what? 

All dieting plans work in the same way. There is no secret to it. So now a prospect is thinking about his or her competition. They begin looking around for other options. And there’s a good chance they’ll choose another program that balances calories and exercise even more severely than yours.

Then include in the one-of-a-kind delivery (confusion in muscles), and suddenly the prospect sees just ONE solution: P90X. That’s because the only program that offers prospects a chance to take advantage of muscle confusion is P90X.

The basic mistake that most salespeople make is to provide a generic solution. You need to drive your prospects straight towards your intended conclusion, like as a border collie herding sheep – and this implies providing them with something special so they ignore other (lesser!) options.

The next quality that aids in the command of your marketing message…

#5. Attention Is All You NeedStimulating 

To elicit attention, you must first arouse emotion.

That’s because people make decisions and take action based on emotion, but then justify them with logic.

If you can conceive of a battle between logic and emotion taking place inside your prospect’s mind, emotion will almost always triumph.

Consider the guy who goes out to purchase a more practical, gas-sipping hybrid vehicle and leaves the dealership with a new sports car. Emotion has triumphed over logic there.

The woman desperately wants to be married and have children, but can’t seem to stop pursuing “bad boys,” even though she knows they aren’t stable enough for marriage and kids.

That’s when emotion outweighs logic.

The shopper pays more for the name-brand product over the generic because he or she is emotional about it. The person may very well understand that the items are identical, but emotion prevails once again.

That’s why your marketing message must elicit an emotional response since that is what will persuade your prospect to take action.

Remember, you must focus on a single emotion.

Sure, your overall marketing campaign is likely to elicit a variety of emotions. However, when you fire off that one-two punch of a marketing message, you must concentrate on just ONE emotion. Otherwise, you risk dissipating the impact of your message (and prospects’ attention).

The next quality of a strong, attention-getting message…

#6. Attention Is All You Need Simple 

You have a limited amount of time to pique your prospect’s interest. That means your message must be simple enough to comprehend immediately.

Now is not the time for complexity. Your prospect doesn’t have the attention span or cognitive capacity to deal with it, especially since you’re just trying to pique their interest. They don’t want to waste time figuring out what’s in it for them.

Instead, you should deliver a short, sweet, and to-the-point statement that piques their interest.

Here are two “don’ts” to bear in mind:

Don’t overestimate your users’ understanding.

Here’s the thing about being an expert in your field… 

Chances are, you make intuitive leaps that your prospects are simply unable to do. You know so much that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a novice in the industry. As a result, it’s all too easy for your marketing messages to become overly technical owing to the mistaken belief that your users know more than they truly do.

To be sure, experts make logical leaps that novices (or even intermediate-level users) can’t grasp, which may help beginners learn and understand better.

That is why, in some cases, college students may better grasp complicated topics if a graduate-level teaching assistant (TA) teaches them instead of the instructor. Because the TA is closer to the undergraduates in terms of learning, he does not make the logical leaps that the professor (an expert) would.

Now you might be wondering what I’m talking about with “logical leaps.”

Let me explain… 

It means omitting crucial information because you believe the audience already knows that “A” must be completed before “B” can be performed.

Let me give you an example… 

Let’s assume you’re teaching novice marketers how to get started with a blog. So, you begin by explaining to them how to set up a WordPress site on their website. Your first order of business:

“Download the files from” 

You just assume that users have already taken the ACTUAL first step, which is to acquire a domain name and secure hosting. And you start instructing them on how to install WordPress based on this assumption that they’ve already started.

If you’re talking to real beginners, you’ve already lost them. You’ve made a logical leap in the assumption that they already have a website (or that they know how to do it). They don’t know where to go for a domain name, aren’t aware of hosting, and haven’t heard of changing domain nameservers.

Even if your step-by-step instructions for setting up a WordPress blog are straight and easy to follow, it will not make any difference. You’ve already lost them before they have a chance to follow your directions if you start by assuming that your users knew more than they actually did!

The same is true of your marketing message.  

If you assume some level of knowledge that isn’t there, you’re going to lose your prospect’s attention. 

If you’re not sure what your prospects are aware of, now isn’t the time to guess. Instead, find out for yourself. Make some market research. Survey them or have a focus group on hand. And if you have any doubt at all, err on the side of caution and assume that your market knows less than they know.

All of this is related to the next tip… 

Don’t try to sound smart. 

Speaking at a level of expertise that is beyond your target market is one approach to appear intelligent. Another method is to utilize big, needless words just to be creative. We’re talking about those “$100 words” that make you feel as if you’re smart… but the result is that they cloud your marketing messaging.

Because here’s the thing… 

Whether you’re crafting a short hook or a pages-long sales letter, you want your message to be smooth as silk. Big words and convoluted sentences only serve as speed bumps that slow down your reader.  

Readers will click away if you confuse them, slow down, or need them to re-read anything to “understand it.” That’s why you must keep both your marketing message and the way you communicate it simple and easy to understand quickly.

The final feature of an attention-grabbing marketing message is…

#7. Secret Of Commanding AttentionShocking 

This is something that we’ve previously addressed in the guide. The goal is for your message to act as a pattern interruption. It must “shock” your prospect out of whatever (irrelevant) thought they’re having so they can pay attention to you.

You don’t accomplish this with a copycat marketing message.  

You don’t accomplish this with a boring message.  

You don’t accomplish this with an average, everyday marketing message. 

To shock, your marketing message must be audacious and different.

With that in mind (along with the other six characteristics we’ve been talking about), let’s now look at the two-part task of determining your big promise and deciding on a unique delivery… 

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The Power Of Webinars

webinars, webinar hosts, online training

Do Webinars 

Offering webinars on specific, in-demand subjects is another approach to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You may not only provide the live webinar as a high-value freemium or even a tripwire offer, but you also have the option of providing recordings/replays to potential clients. This is the power of webinars.

Keep these ideas in mind as you create your webinar:

Use a reputable platform. If you use a platform with bugs or malfunctions during your presentation, your professional reputation will be harmed.

  • Practice with your platform. Before you try out a platform for the first time, test drive it a few times privately so that you know how to utilize all of the features and functions.

Make a polished presentation. Don’t just “wing it” during the webinar unless you are a seasoned pro. Create a professional presentation with videos, slides, or practice screen sharing instead. You’ll also want to rehearse what you’ll say during the webinar, but don’t read from a script word for word (because you’ll sound unnatural.
(For tips on how to promote your webinars, go HERE

  • Begin with useful information. People’s attention spans are limited, so they will be satisfied if you provide them some great information in the first minute or two of your webinar. To put it another way,
  • At the end, ask questions about your product or service. This gives you the opportunity to exhibit your knowledge. If the questions (as well as your answers) don’t add much value to the webinar, you may remove them from the recordings before releasing them.
  • Take a look at other people’s webinars that are popular. These could be in your field or not. The aim is to examine how individuals communicate information and keep audience attention throughout their sessions. Then, based on these successful others, imitate your own webinar presentation style.
the power of webinars

Here’s something else that’s really important… 

Create Great Products 

So far, we’ve been mostly concerned with how to blanket your niche with free material. That’s an important part of your sales funnel. But you must also make sure you have a collection of high-quality goods that address particular issues.

Keep these guidelines in mind:

Offer something distinctive. Again, you want to offer something new. This might be the information itself, or it may be a novel approach to presenting it. This is the opportunity the power of webinars provides.

TIP: Case studies are one approach to develop something distinctive. While others may also produce case studies in your field, they’ll all be different. Just make sure it’s well-researched and includes lots of facts, photographs, and videos where appropriate.

  • Create professional, interesting content. Even in sharing content that no one has heard of before, your audience will be disappointed if your presentation isn’t impressive. As a result, you must proof text items and double-check that all video, audio, and text products appear and sound professional.

Hint: If you don’t have the skills to create a polished end product on your own, engage a professional to design the interiors of your ebooks and/or do video production.

Information that is immediately useful. Even when sharing a method that takes some time to fully implement or achieve results (such as weight loss), you should make sure to provide information that individuals can use right now and start seeing results immediately.

For example, weight reduction takes time and is often difficult. However, if you can give folks a suggestion for what to consume to keep them fuller longer, they’ll see results (being satisfied) that they may feel right away.

  • Give a call to action. People that take your information and act on it will be more pleased customers since they’ll start seeing results. They’ll also see you as an authority if they get excellent results. So, make sure to nudge consumers to act on the information both in the product itself as well as in follow-up emails.

Here’s the next idea… 

The Power Of Webinars

Publish a Physical Book 

People tend to consider those who have authored a physical book as the niche’s ultimate authority, which is why you’ll want to get your work published.

Now here’s the good news… 

You don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of acquiring acceptance from a publisher, and you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on creation, publication, stocking, and fulfillment. Instead, all you have to do is utilize a company like to get your real book published and available on marketplaces like Amazon.

Keep these tips in mind: 

  • It’s a good idea to create an outline of your essay before you start writing, especially if you’re writing a long paper. You should follow the instructions precisely; otherwise, you’ll get a bad outcome (which isn’t exactly implying “I’m an expert”).
  • Professional cover designs are essential. Also, make sure you’re working with a designer that knows and understands how to create covers for printed books.
  • Create a back-cover blurb that focuses on your skills. The back cover should not only describe the book, but also include a brief biography that details your qualifications.

For more tips go HERE

Cool Online Publishing Platforms

publishing platforms

Digital publishing is a growing industry that has been gaining traction over the past decade. The online publishing market was worth $24 billion in 2017 and will reach $65.3 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 13% from 2017 to 2022. This means that the industry is growing quickly and will continue to do so in the future. The main reason for this growth is the increasing demand for interactive content.

There are still many challenges facing digital publishers today. One challenge is that content management systems do not work well on mobile devices or lack the flexibility to be customized for different types of publications. Another challenge is that digital publishers have limited marketing capabilities to promote their finished products online.

  • Any type of digital content can be published
  • Save time with the mobile publishing options, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility
  • Customize your platform for easier branding and marketing
  • Anyone can use yDigitALL’s drag-and-drop interface

yDigitALL can solve these problems for you! Our platform offers all the features you need to publish your own book, magazine, or community journal in minutes. You don’t need coding skills to use our drag-and-drop interface to create custom layouts. You can design any type of publication you want with ease! No matter what it is – an e-book, catalog, or photo album – we can help you create a responsive design that looks great on all devices.

Top Digital Publishing Platform Options

There are two major digital publishing platforms. Print Replica publications, which include static images and a text-only version of the article; and fully interactive publications, in which each page has its own URL address. This is your content hub.

Digital publishing is a way to share information with the world. There are two types of digital publishing: Print Replica and Interactive. With Print Replica, it looks like the information is in print form, but you can view it on an interactive platform. This is a great way to get someone’s attention while also showing off some great visuals.

With fully-interactive publications, readers can interact with designs and articles in many different ways. There is no need to go back into the article if someone wants to explore more – they can just click on something and see what happens! This makes it a fun and interesting experience for everyone. These websites are often helpful because they have a lot of information. This is good for people who are busy and don’t have a lot of time to read. But if you want more than just information in a book, you should look into interactive digital publishing.

There are many benefits to publishing digitally. It gives people the opportunity to share their stories with the world without worrying about cost or distribution. Whether it is academic, business or personal information you want to share – publishing digitally makes it easy.

Blogs as a Publishing Platform

Nowadays, we know that the Internet business is not about selling software. We strive to build networks and platforms. We compete on user experience (and marketing, to some extent). Features and flexibility are far down the list of competitive tactics, at least when you’re dealing in consumer software (make that, services).

Print Replica Publications

Flipbooks are PDFs that use HTML5 to make them look like books that you can flip through. This makes them easy to use on a variety of devices, and it also makes them more fun to look at. There are different ways to publish books. Some people use digital publishing platforms, which are like websites where you can put your book online. Others use flipbooks, which are like magazines that you can turn the pages of. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

HTML5 flipbooks are easy to share and track. You can share them with a link or embed them on your website. You can also see how people interact with the flipbook by tracking views, the most engaging pages, and outbound clicks in real-time. via: Online Flipbook Maker | Convert PDF to Digital Flipbook

Flipbooks are not a fully digital delivery platform

Flipbooks are not very responsive, which means they can be difficult to use. They also don’t provide a very good user experience.

Fully Interactive publications

Interactive publications have interactive elements that allow the reader to engage with them. This could be things like videos, exercises, or quiz questions and answer sheets.

Online Publishing

More interactive, more engaging

Interactive books are different from traditional print or flipbook formats because they combine the best features of each. This makes them more interesting for readers, who can focus on the parts that interest them most. Publishers can use this to keep readers’ attention on the most important parts of their books.

Online Publishing Summary

There are many possibilities for the publisher of functional publications. It depends on the needs you have and what your budget is. Remember that it is important to think about the cost of designing an innovative business software solution.

These are just some of the benefits that yDigitALL provides:

  • By providing a one-stop, easy-to-use solution that not only provides content management tools and marketing solutions, also formats publications for mobile devices, DYDigitALL solves the problems digital publishers confront.
  • The platform allows businesses to produce and post articles, as well as use social media integration and a simple interface.
  • With yDigitALL’s publishing program, you may design anything from academic journals to online newspapers and periodicals in any language – all with the click of a button!

You’ll have complete control over your publishing process with yDigitALL, from concept creation to last delivery on any device. From the first draft to the final publication, yDigitALL gives you everything you need to bring exciting publications to life in a way that’s interactive and engaging!

Streamline your storytelling with streaming video, sound files, interactive exercises, quizzes, and more – all inside the pages of your completely interactive online publication. Using HTML5 technology with engaging features such as videos or music will help you improve engagement and make your interactive book something they’ll remember for years!

Online Publishing

When it comes down to it, no matter how attractive a price is, and regardless of whether the price is fair (or incorrect depending on how much money goes into each component), I feel that having many alternatives when attempting to publish something on an interactive platform overcomes this obstacle.

If you’re a budding author, publisher, or community journalist, yDigitALL is the perfect platform! Our simple drag-and-drop system makes creating stunning publications a snap, and our responsive designs ensure that your audience can access them from any device. Whether you want to create your own e-book, catalog or photo album, yDigitALL has the tools you need to get the job done right – and our competitive prices will leave you plenty of cash in your pocket!

If interactive publications are what you’re looking for, look no further – yDigitALL is here to provide you with everything you need, from start to finish! With our wide range of features and tools, you’ll be able to create interactive books that are sure to engage and entertain your audience!

5 Awesome Web Marketing Methods

Web Marketing

It is often best to begin out with strategies that have actually been successful for others if you have an internet business and you are looking for outstanding marketing techniques. When you use them, you desire to pick marketing strategies that will bring exceptional results. There are a range of web marketing methods offered, but the following are five techniques that have actually shown themselves reliable over and over once again.

Method # 1 – Search Engine Optimization

One of the finest web marketing techniques to help you market your product or services is search engine optimization. Prior to you can make this strategy reliable, it is important that you comprehend how search engine optimization works.

Method # 2 – Newsletters

Another online marketing technique that has actually proven to be successful is e-newsletter marketing. This kind of marketing works by allowing website visitors to register for your e-mails, and then you can regularly send newsletters upgrading them on your company and making special deals to draw them back to your site. , if you pick to utilize this technique it is important that you only send out these newsletters to those who sign up for them.
For more on newsletters, go HERE

Technique # 3 – Pay Per Click Ads

An extremely popular type of internet marketing is utilizing pay per click ads, which are both simple to use and cost-efficient. You can register with numerous online search engine to have your ad show up as a result for specific keywords and you will just need to pay if individuals click on your website. Numerous have discovered this online marketing technique to be among the most efficient techniques readily available.

Method # 4 – Link Exchanging

A newer web marketing technique is link exchanging. This method basically works by having different websites exchange links. You can ask another site to supply a link to your website, and in return you will put a link to their website on yours. This works to be equally helpful for both services, and while it provides more web traffic, it can also assist increase rank on online search engine also.

Strategy # 5 – Web Banners

Web banners are another kind of online marketing strategy that has actually been proven to be extremely effective. This strategy needs buying area on other sites such as e-zines or other websites that may relate to your service. In the area you acquire your advertisement will appear and you will gain from the traffic of that website being interested in what you need to provide.

Each of these internet marketing techniques have actually proven to be fantastic techniques that brought outcomes. When selecting which of these methods to use, make certain that you select techniques that fit the nature of your business. There are numerous techniques of web marketing, however if you are new to the business, often using the attempted and real techniques can bring the best results.

If you have a web organization and you are looking for exceptional marketing methods, it is typically best to start out with strategies that have actually been effective for others. There are a range of web marketing methods available, however the following are five strategies that have proven themselves efficient over and over again.

Lots of have actually discovered this web marketing strategy to be one of the most efficient techniques offered.

Each of these web marketing strategies have actually proven to be excellent techniques that brought results.

Lots of have actually discovered this web marketing strategy to be one of the most efficient techniques offered.

Each of these web marketing strategies have actually proven to be excellent techniques that brought results.

Now that you know a little more about how web marketing works, you can better choose the techniques that will work best for your business. There are a range of methods to select from, but the five outlined here are all tried and true techniques that will help you see success. So get started today and see the difference web marketing can make for your business!

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Content Creators – Set Up A Great Hub 5 Ways

Content Creators

In today’s content-driven world, content marketing is a must. But how do you manage content from different sources? How do you content creators make material that is interesting and engaging for your readers? The answer lies in setting up a great content hub! So look, content creators – set up a great hub for your content because a content hub is a central place where all of your content lives, so it can be managed and optimized across platforms. In this report, we’ll discuss how to set up an unstoppable marketing strategy with content hubs!

1. What are content creators and why should you care?

Content marketing is content that’s focused on educating and entertaining your audience.

It should be created with the intent to drive an action, such as a purchase or lead generation. Content can come from many different sources, so managing content in one central location makes it easier for you to stay organized!

A content hub will help you manage all you content assets in a single spot.

There are a few content hub options that you can choose from, depending on the type of content assets and your budget. Hubs can be cloud-based or web-based applications, such as:

  • Contentful
  • WordPress + BuddyPress
  • Drupal’s content management system (CMS) content module.
  • Or you can consider Digital Media Titan’s Gold Standard Content Publishing Hub yDigitALL

In order to set up an unstoppable marketing strategy, you’ll need a content hub that is able to handle: content edits and approvals; content management, scoring, and ads.

Let’s explore content management, content scoring, and content ads.

Content Management: Hubs allow you to publish content in multiple formats on different platforms at the same time from one place while tracking all of that content activity. You can also edit and approve content before it goes live because hubs offer full editorial control with a single login for managers.

Content Scoring: Hubs offer content scoring, which allows you to evaluate content performance. You can see how it’s doing compared to what was expected and if the content is going the way you want it to go or not.

Content Ads: Hubs offer content ads, which allow you to monetize content through advertising on your site. You set up the type of content that would perform best for an ad and then people who want to advertise with you can do so in a way that promotes their brand without interrupting readers’ experience!

2. Why you, as a content creators, need a hub, and how to create one

A content hub is a centralized place for all your content assets, so you can manage them.

There are many content management tools on the market that will help you create an unstoppable marketing strategy by storing and managing content in one central location; DMT

Hubs offer editorial control with full access to publishing content from different sources onto various content platforms, content scoring to evaluate content performance and content ads so you can monetize your content.

It’s important for companies of all sizes to have a content hub in order to manage their marketing strategy!

For a great way to feature all your content in one place (your hub) check out yDigitall

3. How to promote your content creators marketing hub internally

It’s important to promote content marketing internally and externally, because content is a great way to build your brand.

Content can come from many different sources so it’s important that you have one central location where all of the content lives in order to manage it properly and publish on multiple platforms at the same time!

Answering these content marketing questions can help you promote content internally:

  • Is content the right avenue for your company to take?
  • How will it benefit current and future customers?
  • What is content management, content scoring, and content ads, and how do they work together in a hub?

4. Tips for creating an effective blog post that will get noticed by potential customers 

Content Marketing: content marketing is content that’s focused on educating and entertaining your audience so you can drive an action, such as a purchase or lead generation.

Hubs allow you to publish content in multiple formats on different platforms at the same time from one place while tracking all of that content activity. You can also edit and approve content before it goes live because hubs offer full editorial control with a single login for managers.

Posts that engage your audience and content that is consistent with your brand will help build a loyal following of readers!

5. Creating graphics for social media posts about the new blog post or article on the website’s blog page

When content marketing, it’s important to constantly push content and images for your audience.

If you want to post on social media and have it be interesting, then use a scheduling tool. This way you can post something every hour without having to do anything!

For help with your content hub, go HERE

15 Great Ways to Borrow Your Traffic Source From Others

Ways To Borrow Your Traffic Source from Others

If there’s one thing every website owner wants, it’s more traffic.

The good news is that you don’t need to produce it out of thin air. If you want a lot of highly targeted traffic, one of the easiest ways to get it is by borrowing traffic from other people. That said, below, you will find 15 ways to borrow your traffic source from others.

There are various methods. Some include:

  • Article Submission Sites There are a number of high-quality article submission sites where you can submit your content for free. Just make sure that the site is reputable and has a good Google PageRank.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites Submit your content to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and
  • RSS Feed Syndication Syndicate your content through RSS feeds so that people can subscribe to it directly.
  • Forum Marketing Find forums in your niche and become an active participant. When you have something valuable to share, post it as a reply to a relevant thread and include a link back to your website.
  • Video Marketing Create short videos about your products.

Sound sneaky? It’s NOT. And in fact, it’s perfectly ethical when you use one of those 15 methods to ethically ‘borrow ” traffic from other people. And this piece is to make you aware of those 15 methods.

Take a look…

Guest Blogging

Write up a great article and attach a byline to the article which includes a link back to your site and strong call to action. Then submit this article to other blogs in the niche. Take note that some bloggers require exclusive content, but that’s a small price to pay to land a spot on a popular blog.

Joining Blog Discussions

First, find the most popular blogs in your niche. Next, keep an eye out for new posts, especially on popular topics. Then join the discussion, being sure to leave a link back to your site (where allowed).

Posting on Forums

If you enjoy blog commenting, then you’ll love joining in on forum discussions. Find the top forums in your niche, create a juicy signature file with a link back to your site, and then start posting thoughtful contributions on the forum.

Commenting on Facebook Pages

Still another way to drive traffic back to your site is to join discussions on popular Facebook Pages. If you make clever or useful comments and get a lot of “likes,” then your comment will appear to more people since its popular. That’s more exposure for your link.

Participating in Facebook Groups

A second way to siphon off some of Facebook’s traffic for yourself is to join relevant Facebook Groups (which may be public or private). Be sure to read and understand the rules before posting any links. Remember to make your posts add value to the group. Share info, tips, etc. This is actually a strategy, and it’s much more powerful than many realize. But you need to know what you’re doing.

Starting Your Own Facebook Group

A third way to tap into Facebook’s massive traffic numbers is to start your own Facebook Group. Be sure to include relevant keywords in the title of the group (like “dog training” or “weight loss”) so that Facebook users can find it when they search for groups.

Posting Videos on YouTube

Another huge source of traffic is YouTube. In fact, it’s the second most popular search engine in the world. So if you want to get more traffic to your website, start creating videos about your products and services.

In your videos, be sure to include a link to your website so viewers can learn more. You can also use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog or other social media profiles. Just make sure your videos are high quality and interesting to watch – people won’t stick around if they’re not.

Your goal is to create engaging content that gets liked and shared. Be sure to use carefully researched keywords in your title and description in order to get search traffic (from both YouTube’s internal traffic as well as external search engine traffic from Google and elsewhere). For some good tips on constructing your presentation, go HERE

Joining a Blog Train

This is where a dozen or more bloggers in the same niche get together, create a theme, and then create content around that theme. The train starts on a specific day, and everyone involved promotes the train. Visitors should go from one blog to another to another to read articles and get free resources related to the train’s theme.

Swapping Content

Here you get one or more joint venture partners, and then agree to swap content, endorsements or even advertisements on your blogs, via your newsletters and/or on your social media accounts.

Creating a Viral Report

First, create a report that’s extraordinarily useful, engaging and unique. Then make it rebrandable, so that other marketers can put their links into it so that they can make money simply by giving away your report. (Hint: you might use a tool like yDigitALL.) Finally, get as many other marketers to distribute your report – then watch the viral effect kick in.

Offering Rights to a Product

Create a cool text, software, audio or video product, and then give other marketers the resell rights or even giveaway rights to it. They can make money and build their lists with this great product, while you get the advantage of the free traffic.

Contributing to a “Swag Bag”

If there’s an industry event coming up (like a trade show or seminar), volunteer to contribute one or more of our products to the swag bag. Alternatively, you can buy advertising specialties like calendars or pens with your URL advertised on the item. This has been one of the most popular ways to borrow your traffic source from others.

Giving a Local Talk

You can do a joint venture with a local business owner or other organization to give a free talk at a store or meeting. For example, you can talk about setting up a blog at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or offer a free talk on dog training at a groomer’s office. Be sure to hand out flash drives, CDs or even flyers with your website link.

Doing a Webinar

First, find someone popular and influential in your niche, and then ask if you can interview them on a webinar or teleconference. The person being interviewed will tell their visitors, customers and subscribers about the webinar, which drives traffic to your site. Plus you can give a copy of the webinar to your guest to give away, which drives traffic for weeks, months or even years to come.
For tips on webinars, check out The Power Of Webinars

Recruiting Affiliate Partners

There are dozens of marketers in your niche who have huge, hungry lists, blog readerships and social media followings. Your job is to find these people and recruit them as affiliate partners. Be sure to offer extremely generous commissions and other perks to entice them.


There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. In this article, we’ve outlined 15 ways to borrow your traffic source from others. Some of these methods may be more applicable to your business than others, but we hope that you find at least a few here that will help you get the traffic you need. What is your favorite method for increasing website traffic? Share it with us in the comments below!